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Dormant Roses

Planting dormant or bare root roses is an inexpensive way to add colorful shrubs to your landscape. Dormant roses can be planted in early spring if the ground is not frozen and before other roses in the landscape start to leaf out.

Bare root roses are more specifically roses where the roots are not surrounded by soil and are "bare". But unexposed roots or bare root roses will not be found at your local Garden Center or Home Improvement Store. Their roots will always be wrapped in a plastic bag, and will generally be resting in moist peat moss or other moist substances. The reason for this type of packing is that the roots must stay moist until the roses are planted.

Purchase bare root roses anytime if you are not planting them in the landscape immediately as they can be planted in a container for storage, then follow the easy planting steps listed in the Roses 101 tab to establish your new rosebushes.

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